Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the fusi0n effect

I have never really done any blogging before but, as I was just saying to my friend Shannon today, I really have a lot of ideas that I have been telling myself for years that I need to put down on paper. Well, now I figure I'll just post them in a blog instead. It's nearly as good.

So, for now I'm calling my blog "the fusi0n effect." Why? Well, I don't know exactly. Partly because I intend for this blog to be 90% about these ideas and theories that float around in my own head which typically have to deal with physics, reality, the human condition, extra-terrestrial life, and the like. A whole range of topics that I'm really into. Every now and then I might have some posts about more mainstream topics or ideas. At other times I may just be posting about a recent event. Thanks to Shannon for coming up with a blog title for me.

I'm not sure exactly how often I'll be putting up posts--they could be days or weeks apart--but I don't plan on many being very short. Just to reiterate my previous point, I'm creating this blog because I really just want to get some of my ideas down "on paper," so mainly I'm just here doing this for myself. I know of only one person who will read my posts for certain right from the beginning, but if other people start getting into it as well, then cool. If not, I probably won't even notice.


Shannon said...

Congrats on starting your blog. I look forward to reading the multitude of theories floating around inside your head :)

Wordsmith said...

Well blogging isn't always about quantity, but about quality.
...SHOULD be about quality anyway :P I'll keep an eye on this.